Revival Misconceptions

Pastor and Revival Historian, Bob Bakke, addresses the greatest challenge we face in revival today, and also debunks some common misconceptions of revival among pastors and believers today.

Bob Bakke has been the teaching pastor of Hillside Church in Minneapolis, MN since 2007. A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Bob spent fourteen years serving Connecticut and New Jersey churches. For twelve years he served as an Executive Director of the Evangelical Free Church of America, promoting prayer and spiritual awakening. He is an author, and has produced television and radio simulcasts since 1994.  Bob produces occasional broadcast events that afford millions of people the opportunity to pray simultaneously. As one who honors the local pastorate as the highest calling, Bob uses his gifts as a preacher, teacher, networker and tactician for promoting, forging and cultivating prayer-based movements, domestically and internationally, that lead to the transformation of people and places.