Sneaky Prayers

Yesterday I was having breakfast at Waterloo Ice House 360 and doing some work when I suddenly felt two gentle hands on my shoulders. I was startled, so I jumped a bit. I heard a familiar and friendly voice say, “Just relax.” And then I heard praying.

It was a friend of mine and another regular at Waterloo. I see him frequently there, usually mentoring young business guys or leading a Bible study. He’s a well-known Austin guy and a strong Christ-follower. And he was praying for me. Right there in Waterloo, this man of God stood and prayed over me for over a minute. It was a very moving, touching moment for me.

And it was a sneaky prayer. My friend didn’t ask my permission and didn’t give me any warning. He didn’t take me back to a private room or wait till we were in church somewhere. He just started praying for me, as if it was quite normal and natural for one man to pray for another in the middle of a restaurant on a Tuesday morning in Austin.

It should be.

I’m going to start practicing more sneaky prayers. I also want to encourage you to do the same. Paul urged Timothy, “I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing,” 1 Timothy 2:8.  I guess everywhere can mean at Waterloo, or the golf course, or the break room at the office.

I’d like to write more about this but I’ve got to run. I just saw someone I need to pray for.

Go get’em.


©Will Davis Jr.  Originally posted April 10, 2013 at