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If you’ve taken a flight recently, you’ll recognize the instructions below:

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“In the event of a change in cabin pressure, panels above your head will open, revealing oxygen masks. Pull the mask down toward you to activate the flow of oxygen. Remember to secure your own mask before assisting others.”

Those last words seem strange, even selfish: “…secure your own mask before assisting others.”

Flight attendants even instruct parents to secure their own masks before attending to their children. That doesn’t seem right, but it is. Why? If you fail to get enough oxygen, you lose consciousness. And in that state, well, you’re not much help to anyone.

See the ministry parallel?

If you fail to foster your own spiritual vitality—via a secure connection to God—you lose your ability to minister well to others.

That’s the idea behind Soul Health for Spiritual Leaders. This 38-page resource lays out the case for regularly assessing your spiritual health while providing practical guidelines for how to do so. Articles include “Your Regular Checkup,” “Four Prescriptions for Soul Health,” “Your Most Important Conversation,” and “How Integrity Grows.” Learn more about the resource here!

And speaking of safety instructions, every church will benefit from our second resource: Safety and Security. This assessment pack will help you prepare for theft, injury, abuse, and other legal issues. Measure how vulnerable your church is, and discover some key places where you can be proactive in fending off risk and securing a safe church, reducing your liabilities while raising your level of ministry. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they’re easy to print, copy, and hand out. Find it here!

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Drew Dyck Editor