Thanksgiving Television Alternatives

This holiday weekend millions will spend considerable time watching television. For some it will be hours of football.  Others will watch televised parades.  Some will spend extensive time viewing new and even classic holiday movies.  

All of this is fine and good and a likely expression of family traditions.  But, in this special e-devotion we are offering other options. Below you will find a multiple choice resource packed with brief nuggets of teaching and fresh ideas to nourish your soul.  

So, we hope you will take a few minutes, and select some topics that are relevant to your heart today as you survey the following list.  We pray you will be blessed – and please, share these with your friends!

Do you need encouragement for your spiritual walk?  Enjoy these brief video teachings to encourage your heart today. 

  • How can I kick-start my prayer life again? CLICK HERE
  • Do you need a fresh but biblical pattern for your prayer timesCLICK HERE
  • Have you been wounded or betrayed? Need some perspective?  CLICK HERE
  • Do you know how to use the Psalms in your prayer lifeCLICK HERE
  • Do you see the church as a cruise ship or a battle ship?  What is the difference and why does it matter? CLICK HERE
  • Why is the Holy Spirit’s role essential in preaching? (Francis Chan interviewed by Daniel Henderson)  CLICK HERE
  • How do I start a powerful conversation with GodCLICK HERE
  • Why pastors must embrace prayer and the word (Alistair Begg interviewed by Daniel Henderson) CLICK HERE
  • Why it is important to pray together with others?  CLICK HERE
  • Do need wisdom during difficult financial timesCLICK HERE
  • What should I pray about for my church leaders? CLICK HERE
  • How can a pastor lead his church in prayer? (Pastor Jeff Wells) CLICK HERE

Would you like to hear some brief and encouraging testimonies?

  • From the next generation of young people who are passionate about Christ?  CLICK HERE
  • From leaders from around the nation who are experiencing a fresh awakening in prayer? CLICK HERE
  • From college students at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, ignited to seek the Lord?  CLICK HERE
  • From believers just like who recently experienced the power of a Prayer SummitCLICK HERE
  • From a pastor whose life and church has been transformed by prayer? CLICK HERE
  • From leaders who are being ignited with a fresh passion for prayer? CLICK HERE

Thank you for your partnership and we pray you will have a blessed and Christ-honoring Thanksgiving break. 

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