The One Place It’s OK To Be A Pushy Christian

Followers of Jesus are called to be meek (not weak), humble and self-effacing. We’re commanded to yield to others and listen more than we speak. And, we’re told to not exercise our authority even though we have the very power and authority of Jesus in us.

But there is one major exception, a place where we are supposed to be downright pushy–spiritual warfare. When it comes to opposing the devil and the powers of darkness, we are told to be assertive, authoritative and confident. We’re not to put up with any of the antics of the devil and to expose his lies and oppression for what they are. We’re commanded to invoke the name and blood of Jesus and to use the authority over our enemy (your enemy is never a person–it’s Satan) that they give us.

We are commanded to be men and women of prayer who give up meals, sleep, recreation and other opportunities so we can pray. And, we are expected to meet with other believers for the expressed purpose of praying together.

Finally, we need to get a little red in the mouth. (If you want to know what that means, you’ll need to listen to my message from this past weekend.)

For more on how to pray against the schemes of Satan, here are two great resources:

E.M Bounds–A Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

Pray Big: The Power of Pinpoint Prayers

©2012 Will Davis Jr. Originally posted on May 7th at Will Davis Jr.’s Blog