The Supremacy of God in Preaching

The Supremacy of God and Preaching

By: John Piper

John Piper is unfailingly passionate, knowledgeable, challenging. In the first half of this brief book he grounds preaching in the glory of God, the cross of Christ and the power of the Spirit.

In the second half, he overviews the life of Jonathan Edwards, and then gives ten characteristics of his powerful preaching.  Though I do not always agree with Piper, I am deeply moved and stimulated by his writing. This book challenges me to evaluate several aspects of preaching, including humor, intensity, emotion, solemnity, and more.

(Pastor Jeff Wells– Jeff, the founding Pastor at WoodsEdge, grew up in Madisonville, Texas. He became a believer in the summer before attending Rice University where he majored in History and was a four-time All-America recipient in track and cross country. While at Rice, he also received the Bob Quin Award as Outstanding Student Athlete.  Jeff is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned the Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees.)