Tim Hawks: Church Planting

Tim Hawks has pastored Hill Country BIble Church for over 20 years.  In that time, the Lord has allowed them to plant more than 2 dozens churches in the greater Austin area, which reaches over 17,000 people with the gospel. Tim shares on how prayer has birthed movement and gives practical advice to all pastors wanting to plant churches.

Be sure to catch Tim at this year’s Rediscover National Conference, where he will be one of our keynote speakers.

Interview Summary:

  • Where did Hill Country’s church planting history begin? (0:05)
  • What are some of the key principles are behind your planting strategy? (1:30)
  • What role has prayer played in your church planting process? (2:28)
  • What advice would you offer specifically to church planting pastors? (4:18)
  • What caution would you give to those wanting to plant a church? (5:45)