Stories of Transformation

Three years into planting a church, Pastor Jeff Russell’s life began to fall apart at the seams. In just a short window of time, Jeff endured the death of his only two sons, right in the midst of his own cancer diagnosis. Jeff did his best to rebuild his life and ministry with God’s help, yet found himself in a place of not knowing how to carrying on in leading his congregation. Now through partnership with Strategic Renewal, Jeff has finally found what he was longing for all along, and his life and ministry have been transformed because of it.


Todd spent many years as a missionary, before God called him to pastor a local church. But with no pastoral experience, Todd experienced uncertainties in his ministry. After partnering with Strategic Renewal, Todd not only clarified his pastoral calling, but is now seeing worship-based prayer transform his life and his congregation.


Pastor Cliff Boone has been a committed Bible teacher from the start of his ministry. Cliff knows first hand the power and influence when God’s word is humbly proclaimed. Yet one day, God opened Cliff’s eyes to the reality of Acts 6:4 and his own pastoral responsibility to prayer. Through Strategic Renewal’s coaching process, Cliff now feels that all “blanks” in his ministry have now been filled, and he feels more like a pastor than ever before.