Transforming Presence: 30-Day Personal Coaching Experience

Discover How The Holy Spirit Changes Everything - From The Inside Out


Everything changed when the New Covenant began. And everything will change for you, when you come to understand all that means for you. This coaching experience will help you reshape your theology of the Third Person of the Trinity, and give you practical ways to experience His power and leading in everyday life. Our unique process is based on Daniel Henderson’s book, Transforming Presence: How The Holy Spirit Changes Everything From The Inside Out, and unpacks how to truly understand the Spirit’s role in your life based on the New Testament’s teaching.

This 30-day course will cover four vital issues: 

  • Seeing the Work of the Spirit Through a New Covenant Lens
  • Understanding How The Holy Spirit Works In and Through Believers
  • Capturing the Spirit of the Spiritual Disciplines
  • Daily Practices for a Spirit-Filled Life



As a senior pastor for over two decades, Daniel Henderson brought prayer-based revitalization to numerous churches. Now, as the President of Strategic Renewal, Daniel is dedicating his full-time efforts to coaching individuals and help congregations across the country and world experience spiritual renewal.  He has authored numerous books on biblical leadership and prayer including, Old Paths, New Power and Transforming Prayer, and Transforming Presence.



Dennis Henderson has served in pastoral ministry for over 50 years, and is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at Fusion Bible Church in Durant, OK. In addition to his local church ministry, Dennis also helps facilitate nationwide efforts in prayer and renewal as a member of Strategic Renewal’s Transformational Ministry Team and as a Southwest Regional Director for The 6:4 Fellowship.


Robert Naughton serves as the Director of Development for Strategic Renewal, and helps to lead an international coalition of pastors, The 6:4 Fellowship, which calls leaders back to the supreme ministry priorities of prayer and the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). Robert is a graduate of Denver Seminary, holding a Masters of Divinity, with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation.


Your coaching group will meet online via our ZOOM Meetings platform.  Groups are limited to 8 or less participants to maximize group discussion as well as maintain a personal and interactive environment. All sessions will be recorded and available to you for later viewing.

All group times listed below are in Eastern Time:

Day Group 1 | 11:30am | Wednesdays: May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9
Day Group 2 | 1:30pm | Wednesdays: May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9

Each coaching journey also includes:

  • Four 80-minute video coaching calls
  • Free copy of the book, Tranforming Presence: How The Holy Spirit Changes Everything From The Inside Out and additional course materials.
  • Personal follow-up in between calls


The cost for all four sessions and course materials is $199.00, payable via check or credit card to Strategic Renewal. Payment plans are also available. If you would like to reserve your spot and pay via check please write to us at



Christian coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants them to be.”
GARY COLLINS, Christian Coaching  

“In contrast to the emphasis on imparting information through tutoring and instruction, coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his or her own performance.”
– adapted by Gary Collins from SIR JOHN WHITMORE, author of Coaching for Performance

Instead of just giving you modern tactics, we enable individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants them to be by the power of the Holy Spirit. We help Christians and churches become maximally effective in life and ministry through several different time-tested processes that are rooted in Scripture and proven to result in greater God-dependency and less self-sufficiency.

As Christians, we are called to steward our gifts and to pursue excellence for the glory of God. God isn’t glorified when we fail to live up to our full potential in Christ. That potential is different for each one of us, whether individuals or organizations. Yet, most of us have more room for growth than we even realize. Coaches are those who help us to better see ourselves as God sees us and, by God’s grace, to become more fully the person or church that God created and called us to be.

Each of our coaches is highly educated and has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment both to personal prayer and to cultivating a culture of prayer in the local church. Moreover, each of our coaches has been personally trained by Daniel Henderson and so, each of them are very well versed in our processes.

We understand that not everyone has planned for coaching in their personal or church budget. Many of the individuals that we have served have found creative ways to cover the cost through delaying unnecessary purchases or fasting from something like coffee or entertainment for a month or two.

The big goal is to help you make practical changes that bring lasting transformation to every aspect of your life.

As part of our ministry to churches and individuals, we are committed to making this an affordable process for all.  Because of that, our prices are a fraction of what many professional coaching firms charge. Tell us more about yourself and get detailed pricing info by filling out an application below.

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