Resources for Worship Leaders

Based on Transforming Presence by Daniel Henderson


Our downloaded worship guides are intended to help you in two ways:

  1. As a focal point for the worship team as they gather prior to the service. The scripture passage will lay a foundation for the worship gathering. The key quotes from the book will illustrate these biblical truths. The prayer prompters can be a kick-starter for the team’s personal prayers as they commit the service to the Lord.
  2. As the basis for a “Call to Worship” following a similar format. The prayer prompters can be offered in similar words by the leader, or can used to guide responsive prayers in the service.



In the book, Transforming Presence, we often address the need for more new covenant language when singing and speaking of the Holy Spirit.  This included several correctives, that will hopefully be clarifying and helpful to you –  particularly if you believe that the gospel changes everything, that the finished work of Christ is monumental, that the new covenant is important, and that words matter.

Below is a list of some common phrases included in that book that often miss the mark, along with possible alternatives that more accurately speak of the indwelling person of the Holy Spirit.

“Lord, we welcome You.”
“Lord, we are grateful for Your indwelling presence,” or “Thank You for welcoming us at the cross; now we give You praise for the glory of the gospel.”
“We just want to soak in the Holy Spirit.”
“Lord, enable us to honor and obey the indwelling Holy Spirit.”
“The Holy Spirit came.”
“The Holy Spirit worked powerfully in our lives.”
“We seek Your manifest presence.”
“We surrender completely to Your indwelling presence,” or even, “We ask You to use us in one another’s lives as we obey the Holy Spirit.”
“Release Your Spirit.”
“We pledge ourselves to obey Your Holy Spirit, that He might work powerfully in and through us.”
“Holy Spirit, fall.”“Holy Spirit, fill, control, and dominate our lives.”
“Pour out Your Spirit.”“Spirit, take charge of our lives.”
“Fill this temple.”
“Indwelling Spirit, we give You control of our lives.”
“God showed up.”
“The Spirit worked powerfully in us and among us.”
“Welcome to the house of the Lord.”“Welcome to this gathering of God’s people.”
“This (the building) is the house of the Lord.”“You are the house of the Lord, indwelt by His Spirit.”
“Flood the atmosphere.”“Take control of our hearts.”
“The atmosphere is changing.”“The Holy Spirit is working in us to change us.”
“Let Your glory fall.”“Jesus, You are our glory. We seek Your will and word.”
“Thank You that we can come into Your presence.”“Thank You that Your presence has come into us.”
“Rain down on us.”“Take control of our hearts by Your indwelling Spirit.”
“We enthrone You.”“You are enthroned in glory. Rule in the temple of our hearts now.”
“Holy Spirit, move.”“Holy Spirit, we surrender to and obey You.”
“We want to feel Your presence.”“Thank You for the sure promise and power of Your indwelling presence.”
“When You come into the room...”“When we surrender to Your indwelling presence...”
“The Holy Spirit was thick.”“Our surrender and obedience to the power of the Holy Spirit was evident.”
“Spirit, flood this place.”“Indwelling Spirit, we surrender our lives to You. Take complete control of our entire being.”
“Reign in this place.”“Have full control of our hearts.”
“Lord, we want to attract Your presence.”“Jesus, thank You for attracting us through the cross, because now Your very person and presence lives gloriously in us.”


Be Thoughtful

Keep the goal in mind as you plan services. The Spirit’s purpose is to glorify Christ in all that occurs – not men, not human talent, not experiences, not technology, not the programs, not even your church.

Be Aware

Many worshipers are regularly exposed to confusing messages about the person and work of the Holy Spirit throughout the week. Each has a deep personal need for a conscious and clear filling of the Holy Spirit, which you can clarify and encourage.

Be Prepared

Be sure that every member of your team is equipped to point people to Jesus as they endeavor to think and serve with a clear understanding of the ramifications of the new covenant. Gather your team prior to the service with a united New Testament focus and intentions in how they will model and facilitate worship. Utilize our suggested worship team guides during team prayer times and moments of preparation before services.

Be Intentional

If you are a worship leader, intentionally look for songs that are distinctly new covenant in their teaching and language. Highlight them to your people and use them as tools to emphasize the indwelling Spirit and the glory of Christ.

Be Clear

In every word of welcome, celebrate the truth of the indwelling Spirit in the lives of participants.  Remind and reassure them early in every gathering with a clear, biblical focus on the Spirit within them. Be intentional with your transitional comments to emphasize these great truths of the work of Christ and indwelling Holy Spirit.

Exchange “place” language with “people” language. Worship is not about a building or location but the indwelt people of God. Use personal language rather than “force” language in the songs and transitional comments about the Spirit of God.

Be Creative

There is a paramount need for new songs about the Holy Spirit that are precise, biblical and new covenant. God’s people would be helped by lyrics that emphasize and teach the themes of the New Testament, especially the truth of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Trust God to give you creativity to write songs that communicate with biblical integrity and clarity.