Two Atheists and a Christian Walk Into A Bar

I had dinner last night with two rather well-known atheist leaders. I’m having a meeting today with another atheist at his request. All of this is a direct result of the Atheist/Christian roundtable discussion we had two weeks ago.

I must say that my experience last night was quite enjoyable. We laughed, we poked fun at each other, we disagreed and we even agreed on some things. But most importantly, we developed a friendship.

And that’s the point of this blog. Way too many Christians and atheists are talking about each other and not to each other. I’m writing to ask all the believers who read this blog to deliberately invite someone who doesn’t share their beliefs into their lives. It will be good for both of you.

I know many Christians who are flat-out intimidated by atheists. They’re scared they’ll say something wrong or not be able to go point-for-point with them. Shame on us. Are we really so coddled and spoon fed as Christians that we’re afraid to actually engage with someone who will challenge our beliefs? Is our theology and faith so weak that we can’t stand a little healthy push back?

I know guys who can tell you who played third base for the winning world series team 20 years ago, or who can tell you the best bet and hottest stocks to buy, or who spend hours each week riding, swimming and running so they’ll be in tip top triathlon shape, but they can’t quote a single verse of scripture, or they don’t know the difference between the young earth or old earth theories, and they don’t know if Hezekiah is a book in the Bible, a character in the Bible or the shoe shine guy in LAX.

Friends, atheists and Christians disagree on the most important issue in life. There is no more important question facing humanity than the question of God. They’re ready and willing and even wanting to talk, and we’re going to another Bible study. Don’t hide. Don’t be so cloistered in your safe Christian world that you never have anyone who challenges your faith. Get out there and form some relationships with those who think, believe and maybe even live differently from you.

Like I said earlier, it will be good for both of you.


©2013 Will Davis Jr.  Originally posted April 9, 2013 at