Ministry Update

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Ministry Update

July 2024


Recent Highlights:

  • This month’s Ministry Update provided by Christa Henderson, Ministry Advancement Coordinator
  • 6:7 Day Campaign – We made our goal thanks to you!
  • Finished Spring Coaching
    • The Praying Leader – 4 Cohorts
    • Transforming Wisdom – Full Cohort
    • Would you like to join one of our cohorts? Click HERE for more information.
  • Digital Community (last 30 days)
    • YouTube – 1000+ people engaged in our content (30+ hours watched)
    • Strategic Renewal app – 271 media plays
    • Do you have our app? You can get it HERE!
  • Summer Sale: Emma Learns to Pray
  • Small Group Resources
    • Find your next small group study HERE

Thank you for your support that makes this all possible!

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