Webcast: The Ten Commadments of Leadership

Featuring gifted author and speaker, Hans Finzel.  

Hans Finzel is a successful leader, author, teacher and leadership mentor. His passion today is “helping ministry leaders increase their impact by improving their leadership skills”.  Hans and his wife, Donna, spent ten years as missionaries in Vienna, Austria training church leaders in Eastern Europe. Hans has a great legacy in mission leadership as he served as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture. He recently founded a new ministry, HDLeaders, devoted to training leaders around the globe. Hans has a passion to help leaders lead more effectively.  He is the host of the new weekly leadership podcast, “The Leadership Answer Man.” Dr. Finzel is the author of seven books, including his bestseller The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make and his newest release The Top Ten Leadership Commandments. His books have been translated into over twenty foreign language editions.  He is a graduate of Columbia International University(BA), Dallas Seminary(ThM) and Fuller School of Intercultural Studies(DMiss).  He and his wife Donna reside in Colorado.  He can be reached at http://www.hansfinzel.com