Will Davis, Part 2

In this second interview, Will Davis gives some practical ways that he is leading and developing a culture of prayer within the church and among the staff.  He openly tells of some of the struggles that come along with this pursuit, but also gives some good guidance as to the key factors in acheiving this ever-important goal.

Interview Summary:

  • How do provide personal leadership for the prayer culture of your church?
  • What challenges do you face as you try to provide this kind of leadership?
  • What are the most important factors in developing this culture in your congregation?


Wanting To Grow In Your Personal Prayer Life?

Will Davis has authored several books dealing with personal prayer and numerous related topics.  Learn more about these following titles at Will’s website, www.willdavisjr.com 

  • Pray Big
  • Pray Big for Your Marriage
  • Pray Big for Your Child
  • Faith Set Free
  • Enough
  • 10 Things Jesus Never Said